About Me

I'm very passionate about the world of the computer science. I like math and physic as well. This is my personal web page, the place where I'm going to write about my projects, my hobbies. I'm a software engineer and I reveived my Master of Science Degree at Politecnico of Milan (Italy). I play the piano, I like very much the music and that's why sometimes I try to compose something. This web page will be indeed an good way to publish some of my composition or remixes. I listen to different and various musical genres. And my principal compositions can be labeled as light music (piano instrumental) or electro.

I know different computer languages: C, C++, Java, Python, HTML, SQL, LaTeX, PHP, XQuery, Matlab. But actually my favourite one is C++ (especially after the new standard 11 has been released). I have been a windows user since I had my first computer, I know that operative system very well, as most of the people. For a few years I started using the system GNU Linux, and now it has become my main operative system. I find Linux a good way to keep always the mind lit. Moreover it extremely satisfactory solve a problem on Linux! The bash processing is simply an fantastic rebus!