Biagio Festa

Software Engineer with excellent knowledge of computer architectures, high performance and optimized software.
Work and academic experiences in low-level programming languages (especially C++) for optimization algorithms.
Highly trained in algorithm design and software engineering methodologies.

Personal Projects


An extensive repository containing several proposed solutions for competitive programming challenges and not just.
Moreover, the project contains design studies and methodologies application for high-performance algorithms analysed by integrated benchmarks.
Completely in C++ with the latest programming techniques introduced in the most recent standard C++17.

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KPuzzle is a very fast optimal solver of the 15 Puzzle Problem, written in C++.
Its efficiency relies on the data structure representation used in order to describe the space state. Bitwise operations are widely used in order to achieve better low-level machine instructions.
Moreover, an efficient search algorithm and heuristic (based on Pattern Databases) allow finding the optimal solution in few milliseconds.

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